Mission and Vision


Our vision is to be remembered as a group of dedicated, committed and passionate individuals.

♦  People : Be a dynamic place to work in where people are motivated to perform their best
♦  Partners : To collaborate with partners for mutually beneficial outcomes and values
♦  Places : To ensure presence in South East Asia 
♦  Responsible : To ensure contributions to society through meaningful activities both in and out of Singapore 


We endeavor to :

♦  Be the preferred choice amongst clients,

♦  Be a one-stop solution for corporate clients,

♦  Build long-term business friendships that will remain regardless of where we are in the future.

Organisations need to ensure employees are fully equipped to adapt to a world-wide knowledge-based economy. To do this, a clear vision and gaps analysis are done effectively. Essential Consultancy Pte Ltd partners with reputable brand names in Singapore for its corporate training needs. Whether it’s entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, sales, HRM, strategies or others; we can advise you appropriately and ensure your needs are met.